10 Best Keurig Coffee Makers 2019

Keurig Coffee Makers .. why ? and what is the best keurig coffee maker? If you are regularly reading our articles like ( Best Coffee Maker 2019 Ratings ) , you will know that we recommend Keurig coffee machines for our readers generally
we will do our best to help and guide you to decide on the ideal Keurig coffee maker for you and for the coffee you love and surely for the cost.


It is actually just a matter of deciding which one of Keurig’s many versions would the best that fit your requirements. And with so many options to choose from, just knowing where to begin can be an overwhelming prospect. More over Keurig upgrading their products twice every year!
So we’ve assembled this extensive, informative guide to choose the best Keurig coffee machine which is currently available. Whether you look forwarding to upgrade your current machine or you are about to get Keurig for the first time, here is all what you need to understand.

what’s Keurig?

Keurig is a household name in the field of coffee machines manufacturing. In addition they make extras, such as carafes, filters, and coffee consumables to accompany their home and office coffee machines.
The company made their signature coffee maker back in the early of 1990s to be used in a workplace. Ever since that time, the circle has expanded and Keurig machines are now an important item in many US kitchens.
Today, Keurig machines come in a somewhat broad assortment of models and colors to match all requirements and budgets. On the other hand, the result you have is exactly the same; fairly a great taste of your coffee and smart, understated coffee machine which will look cool on your countertop.

Why would you buy keurig coffee maker ?

What makes Keurigs one of the most popular coffee machines manufacturing is the fact that they can serve users a hot coffee fast without losing too much flavor of their coffee. Keurigs machines are easy to use and dependable, many are programmable, and they are acquiring low maintenance.
Granted, you will never get the same accurate control over your brew that drip machines or French press method can give you, however what a Keurig coffee maker can assure is consistency, convenience, and speed. Plus with approximately 160differenttastes to pick from, you are bound to find something which you like.
All of Keurig coffee machines will make you a brewing one minute for people who demand a cup of coffee in the morning before going out to work.

And Even better, many Keurig’s are fully programmable ,so that you may set your coffee maker to provide your early morning cup of coffee before you even get out of your bed.
Obviously, when you need specialty coffees such as latte, cappuccino, and espresso, then you might need to select a semi-auto or even super-auto espresso dispenser. But, these machines tend to be significantly more expensive than many Keurigs, and may not agree with your budget.
Other important factors are simplicity of use, ease of cleaning, and ongoing maintenance. A Keurig is a lot easier to handle than an espresso maker on all counts.

Common Features:

All Keurig machines are operated in the same way. You fill out the water tank, then insert your preferred coffee pod, and set your cup below the dispenser ,press on the “go” button, then await your brew to be poured.
In Addition, There are Couple of features Which You Can expect no matter which model you will or already use, such as:
A removable drip tray: This allow simpler clean-up process plus additional space for you cup if you prefer  a large size Cup.
One-minute brew time: Even though the time it takes for your machine to heat up varies from one machine to another; all of  Keurigs take about one minute to completely brew your own coffee.
Compatibility with Keurig pods only: Including a few different kinds of pods, however you won’t have the ability to venture out into other brands very easily.

Keurig water reservoirs, while their size fluctuates, are all removable. This characteristic makes for simple cleaning and pruning.

Auto-off: Coffee manufacturers have a heating piece which eats electricity if left switched on for a long time. The auto-off feature powers-down the machine after a pre-determined interval (from 1 minute to 2 hours) out of its final use. All of Keurig machines have this feature, but the degree of programmability varies.

what is the best keurig coffee maker to buy ?

-Best 10 Keurig 2019 Reviews :

There are over 50 distinct Keurig versions available at the stores .However, we have whittled them down to our favourite 10 coffee machines and reviewed them for you.

We have mentioned the highlights of every device, but to get a complete spec and also to dictate your favorite one , simply click the hyperlinks in each review.

Keurig K575 Single Serve Programmable K-Cup Coffee Maker:

Keurig K575 Single Serve Programmable K-Cup Coffee Maker

Keurig K575 Single Serve Programmable K-Cup Coffee Maker

The K575 is one of Keurig’s most popular and with great reason.
The K575, like most of Keurig’s coffee machines, is well-designed and looks perfect on any counter. It measures 10.2-inches broad, by 13.4-inches heavy, by 13.6-inches high.
Plus, all of us love extras, K575 features 2 filters instead of one , it also comes with 6 free K-cups.

Key Features of K575 Model:

The K575 has a transparent, 2.8-inch full colour, touchscreen control panel for simplicity of brew programming and selection.
The K575 has an 80-ounce water reservoir — the largest one of Keurigs versions meaning you could brew around 10 cups of your favorite coffee without having to stop to refill the water tank.
A wonderful feature that the K575 has is that a customizable nightlight and wallpaper colours .If you would like to have your coffee maker mixed together with your own kitchen décor strategy, you are able to.
The K575 includes a perfectly programmable electronic clock. The clock allows you to keep your eye on your coffee’s brewing time letting you control the depth of flavor of your brew. Also, you can plan your system to boil a steaming cup of coffee at time you need it. Which is cool.
For simple cleaning you can eliminate the device’s drip tray. By eliminating the drip tray, you are able to fit your coffee mugs of beneath 7-inches in height for days when you would prefer a slightly bigger cup of coffee.
The K575 will brew you a cup of regular coffee in under a seconds and works using a different range of K-cup pods of distinct sizes. You may thus decide to brew multiple cups in every single sitting, serve larger single portions, or brew an entire carafe.
But if you would like to do the latter, then you will have to get a carafe to go for your machine as they’re not included with this unit.

If you like this machine, you can buy it now from here

Keurig B145 OfficePRO Brewing System



Keurig does not make just coffee machines which are acceptable for home usage; they create office coffee makers too. Therefore, if you’re searching for something easy to work with a variety of tastes, then this version may work for you.

Key Features
an office coffee maker has to be adaptable, and also the B145 is precisely that. The B145 may make iced tea, tea, and hot chocolate.in addition to java. The system accommodates 3 cup sizes, such as 8, 6 and 10-ounce.
The B145 has a 48-ounce water reservoir.  Even though this is ideal for use in reception areas where coffee needs are relatively low, it may not be perfect for a busy office where several baits are frequently required. On the other hand, the reservoir is self-draining, which makes it fast and easy to empty at the end of every day.
The auto-off kicks in after two hours of non-use, meaning that the machine will remain on for rush hours and then flip off after to save power.
Moreover, the B145 includes a descaling beamer, which enables you to know when the device needs cleaning and descaling. That is a really handy feature and should signify that you will never see| the dreaded “Prime” error message And no coffee.

One of the disadvantage to this B145 is that it is somewhat noisy, which is distracting in a small office where there is a continuous line of people making brews through the day.


If you like this machine, you can buy it now from here

Keurig K155 Office Pro Coffee Maker:

Keurig K155 Office Pro Coffee Maker

Keurig K155 Office Pro Coffee Maker


The Keurig K155 is intended to be the next level up when it comes to office coffee machines. But} this commercial brewing system is also popular for home use with much more serious coffee lovers.

Key Features:
The principal benefits of the K155 are its exceptional capacity and sequential brewing time.
The K155 has a massive 90-ounce water reservoir taking about 3 minutes to boil water. The moment the water reaches 193F, the coffee maker is prepared for brewing, and you are going to have the capacity to deliver around 14 steaming cups of coffee in 30 to 60 seconds.
That said, the machine can’t be connected to a water line, which means you to refill the water tank whenever required. However, the reservoir is removable and contains a quick-drain feature.
An LCD touchscreen control panel lets you choose your favorite water temperature, brew power, and cup size 6, 4, 8, and 10-ounces.
Last, a built-in descaling option that keeps the device clean and operating efficiently and reliably.

If you like this machine, you can buy it now from here


Keurig K475 Single Serve Coffee Maker:




Keurig K475 Single Serve Coffee Maker

Keurig K475 Single Serve Coffee Maker

The Keurig K475 is generally more affordable than the K155 and is designed for home mainly not for office use.

The K475 is available in coverd, understated black, or if you fancy something different to sex-up your countertop, then in addition they offer this version in the  Vintage Red color.

Key Features
The K474 accepts the K-mug, K-cup, and K-carafe pods, which means you are able to make single-serve cups, mugs, or carafes. As with all Keurig machines, you can only use Keurig’s pods.
The K474 comes with a range of programmable configurations which are available through the LCD touchscreen interface, for example:

5 temperature settings                                                                                                     Power saver
Auto-on, auto-off
5 cup sizes (6, 4, 8, 10, or 12 oz)
3 cCarafe dimensions (22, 26, or 30 oz )
The K474 includes a 70-ounce water tank, supplying more than sufficient capacity to accommodate the typical coffee drinker’s daily use. The machine cannot be hooked to the major water, though.

If you like this machine, you can buy it now from here


Keurig K55 K-Classic Single Serve Coffee Maker:

Keurig K55 K-Classic Single Serve Coffee Maker

Keurig K55 K-Classic Single Serve Coffee Maker


The Keurig K55 has been another one of Keurig’s most popular models. The K55 is really a fantastic, single-serve coffee making machine which will provide you a tasty cup of Joe with one touch on a button. This model is excellent for single and couples homeowners, students, and also for a small office with fewer than 10 staff members.

Key Features
This model’s biggest attraction point is that it’s very good for brewing novices, and it pertains a cost point that’s lower than many of its competitors.
This coffee machine includes a generous 48-ounce water tank which can provide you 6 cups of coffee in only one fill. As much like all other Keurig coffee machines, the water tank are removable for simple filling and cleaning.
The K55 has a rather easy to use descaling system that will eliminate limescale build-up, making sure that your coffee machine will continue brewing without difficulties for a lengthy period of time.
in Addition, this model is really simple to use just program the K55 with a couple of basic functions, and it’s going take out your cup in under a minute.
The K55 can be used with 6, 8 and 10-ounce K-cup pods and you also get 4 K-cups free using the machine as a bonus. You also get two free water filters.

If you like this machine, you can buy it now from here


Keurig K250 Single Serve, K-Cup Pod Coffee Maker

Keurig K250 Single Serve, K-Cup Pod Coffee Maker

Keurig K250 Single Serve, K-Cup Pod Coffee Maker


the K250 is just one of the 2.0 series of Keurig coffee makers and once more combines simplicity of operation with a good shape, reliability, and high quality manufacture.
Pick from a range of colors, such as white, red, pearl, turquoise cherry, peacock blue, and grey.

Key Features
The major draw of the K250 is its own flexibility. It not only works for house use in multi-coffee-addict families, but it is also going to suit a small office .
The K250 includes a 40-ounce water reservoir, which will deliver 5 to 6 regular size cups of coffee from one fill. The reservoir is fast and simple to detach from the device for cleaning and refilling.
Though this coffee maker does not have all of the bells and whistles of other models, the 2-inch color touchscreen display panel is bright and easy to read.
Nevertheless, the K250 has a couple of helpful functions like a water level window which allows you to observe just how much water is left in the reservoir tank, so that you know when a refill is necessary. The K250 allows you to personalize the strength of your brew. You may select between 4, 6, 8 and 10-ounce K-cup sizes, K-mugs, and K-carafe up to30-ounces. Unfortunately, the machine does not include a carafe, which means you would need to buy one separately.

If you like this machine, you can buy it now from here


Keurig K-Mini K15 Single-Serve K-Cup Pod Coffee Maker:

Keurig K-Mini K15 Single-Serve K-Cup Pod Coffee Maker

Keurig K-Mini K15 Single-Serve K-Cup Pod Coffee Maker


The K-Mini K15 is among the most straightforward home coffee makers in the market This machine is directed squarely at coffee lovers that looking for the simplist way when it comes to their home-brewing.
So, if you’re searching for a compact, mobile coffee making machine, then this one may suit you. The K15 will fit smoothly into almost any kitchen or budget.

Key Features
The price is one of the greatest parts about this model, coming in well under the average $100 price point.
Even though it’s a fundamental device the K15’s automatic shut-off feature kicks in after about 90 seconds, which is a lot quick than other versions. Because of this, it may help you save money on your electricity bills.
The K15 will brew cups out of 6 to 10-ounces and can be used with all |K-cups. Which allows you to select the strength of your Coffee? If you’d like something lighter, select 8|2 or 10-ounce pods. If you’d like a darker, powerful brew, then use a 6-ounce pod.
plus, in case you’ve got a member of your family who does not drink coffee, then you can use the K15 to make tea and hot chocolate too.

If you like this machine, you can buy it now from here


Keurig K-Elite K Single Serve K-Cup Pod Maker:

Keurig K-Elite K Single Serve K-Cup Pod Maker

Keurig K-Elite K Single Serve K-Cup Pod Maker


For all of you who are already Keurig lovers, we recommend going for the K-Elite. This |version has all features you’ve come to expect of Keurig’s java machine, and a few additional extras.

Key Features
One of the exciting additional features is the iced setting, for people who like a little selections. This choice allows you to brew more ice for a full-flavored, refreshing cup of iced coffee.
The K-Elite has a generous 75-ounce water reservoir, meaning you could brew 8 cups before you have to refill the water tank. The reservoir is removable for easy cleaning and refilling.
Just like the majority of Keurig machines, the big drip tray is removable for easier cleaning. With this model, this means you receive a space that is high enough to use a travel mug up to 7.2-inches tall.
Those Keurig extras we adore so much comes in| the form of a 6 K-cup pod variety package. Thus, you can test out new flavors, as well as enjoying one or two familiar favorites. Additionally, you receive a water filter and a single completely free filter.
The K-Elite provides a comprehensive range of Keurig’s most common K-cup pod sizes, such as 4, 6, 8, 10, and 12-ounce. That is great if you would like a bigger mug of brew however, also means that you may increase the potency of your own cup.
You might also use the machine for boiled water on demand, instead of having to boil a kettle, which makes it perfect for cooking oatmeal, instant soup, or even tea.
Considering all the exciting extras, the K-Elite does come in a clearly higher price point. Thus, be sure that you considering that point when buying one.

If you like this machine, you can buy it now from here


Keurig K525C Single Serve Coffee Maker, 12 K-Cup Pods and My K-Cup 2.0:

Keurig K525C Single Serve Coffee Maker, 12 K-Cup Pods and My K-Cup 2.0

Keurig K525C Single Serve Coffee Maker, 12 K-Cup Pods and My K-Cup 2.0

The K525C is just one of Keurig’s bestselling  machines. It is an inexpensive model which just has enough features to meet those java lovers who also love gadgets. This model looks great on your countertop, and it brews good coffee.

Key Features
the K525 measures10.2-inches broad}, by 13.4-inches deep, by 13.6-inches high. So it’s a cozy fit for many countertop spaces.
Additionally, the K525 includes a nightlight setting and customizable background. The vibrant 2.8-inch color touchscreen is crystal clear and easy to use, even in poor light.
The clock lets you know that the brewing time of your Java in order to get only the ideal strength of brew. It’s also programmable, allowing you to instruct the device to turn you into a cup of coffee at a time of your choice.
The K525 also comprises an 80-ounce water reservoir, which will provide you 10 cups of coffee back-to-back, without having to refill the tank.
Brewing time is less than one minute per cup, as usual .However, the system takes three minutes to warm up and initiating the brewing process, so it is not precisely the fastest version}.
so far as brewing starts, the K525 is a single serve unit that is designed to make pod of coffee from basic K-Cups, K-Carafes, and K-Mugs. But you do not  get a Keurig K-Carafe  using the device, however you can purchase one relatively cheaply if you’d like the excess brewing capacity.
In addition to utilizing Keurig’s array of coffee pods, you can make coffee from your favourite grind if you would like, but to do this you will need to put money into another reusable filter.

If you like this machine, you can buy it now from here


Keurig Hot 2.0 K425 plus Series Single-serve Coffee Maker:

Keurig Hot 2.0 K425 plus Series Single-serve Coffee Maker

Keurig Hot 2.0 K425 plus Series Single-serve Coffee Maker


The K425 single-serve coffee system is just another upgraded unit that is a part of Keurig’s 2.0 plus series. It’s another good option for established Keurig lovers that are looking to upgrade.

Key Features
The K425 comes with a range of programmable configurations which are available through the 2.4-inch LCD touchscreen display interface, such as:

A temperature controller                                                                                                 Power saver
Auto-on, auto-off
5 cup sizes (4, 6,8, 10, and 12 ) ounces
3 carafe sizes (22, 26, or 30 ) ounces
Moreover, the K425 accepts K-mug, K-cup, and K-carafe pods, enabling you to brew single-serve cups, mugs, or carafes. However, the device that doesn’t have carafes must be bought individually.
This model has a 70-ounce reservoir, which ought to be more than adequate to deal with the average coffee drinker’s daily Java needs.

If you like this machine, you can buy it now from here


Things to take in consideration:
Like with any little appliance, distinct Keurigs will be better suited for different lifestyles and requirement. So before you splurge on a glistening new Keurig coffee machine, then here are a few fairly vital factors you Should Consider:
Rate of brew Shipping :
All K-cup coffee producers have been single-serve machines.  Thus, you will need to keep in mind just how many cups of coffee you are going to consume back-to-back.
Speed of brew production is likely more significant at a commercial workplace setting than it’d be in your home… Unless you’ve home filled with coffee lovers.
Cup size:
Each Keurig model which uses K-cups has at least 3 fundamental cup sizes, for example {6, 8, and 10-ounces. Altering the cup size lets you slightly change the strength of the brew. However, do not forget that cup size will also affect the amount of brews the machine can prepare  before it runs out of water.

Which brings us to…

Water tank capacity:

If you only require a few cups of coffee daily, a more compact water reservoir will not be a problem. But if you generally undergo plenty of cups or prefer weaker brews, then picking a machine which has a small water tank is going to be a pain, since you are going to keep refilling it.
To work out the number of typical size cups of java you are going to receive from a complete reservoir, split the capacity by 8. As an example, the K155 includes a generous 90-ounce water tank. This system will, so, deliver approximately 11 cups of coffee until it runs out of water.

Temperature Control:

Many Keurig machines possess a pre-set brewing temperature of 192 F. However, some will let you adjust the temperature, giving you a tiny bit more influence on the end result. This might be a good for those who crave control over the brewing process, but it probably will not be a deal-breaker for many.

Strength selection:

Altering the cup size is a simple way of controlling the potency of the brew, but a few Keurig machines have a feature which lets you select brew strength. This is a really handy for those who have more particular preferences or reside in a home where some such as a strong brew and many others favor it mild.


User interface:
All of Keurig machines are easy to operate , even for people that are technology-challenged.
However, more expensive models also incorporate a slick LCD touchscreen display with customizable nightlight and background, as opposed tojust dull buttons. This is a wonderful touch if you can manage to extend your budget marginally.

While all Keurigs feature an auto-off feature, some models also have an auto-on option|.
The auto-on feature is what allows you to place your Keurig to brew you a cup of coffee for a predetermined time. This is certainly a plus if you would like to wake up each morning to this delicious aroma of freshly brewed coffee.

The Main Point:

Therefore, there you have it–what you might need to know if purchasing a Keurig.
In terms of which model you need to choose, well it is really down to personal preference and what you will need the machine to perform for you. In Conclusion, we recommend you the following:

To get a cheap, starter K-cup machine, the K55 is an excellent option.
For all those with a big budget, if you’d like a machine which will deal well in a small office environment or a busy household the K155 using its superior programmability and capability is the best way to go…
…If programmability is not important for you, but capacity is, purchase the K145 rather than.
If you need fun or cannot get through the day without a cup of Joe in your elbow in any times, opt for the K475.
Prefer a lightweight, streamlined, and finally portable coffee making machine? You need to buy the K15.
Happy caffeinating and Keurigging!

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